A Little More About Little ol’ me

I write music that is emotional, sad, and sometimes cynical. I’m experimenting with style combinations in pop, lofi, synths, hip hop, always evolving. I was born in an artist commune in San Francisco and dropped out of high school to do music and trip out. I eventually caught the GED and went to music school in NYC. I dropped out of music school to live in Israel for seven years spending part of time in my hassidic community but part in the secular world and among Palestinians and local activist groups, left wing mostly. During those years I never regretted leaving the hotbed of music, just when perhaps things were starting to jump off for me in NYC. But I missed my friends, and collaborators. While based in Jerusalem, I also spent time traveling the world, falling in love and catching heartbreak. Rinse and repeat. Eventually I became tired of all that so I moved back to the USA and through a long line of couch surfing, made it back home to San Francisco. Over time I became completely secular although I value my time in all that. So I felt like a man out of time, out of a world, the world had evolved while I was in the religious trip and now that I was free, I wanted to be a part of it. But since then it has never been the same! So many of my songs play with these emotions. I’ve been recording music in SF for the past few years since I’m back. Re-started late on this journey. Still evolving, experimenting, honing.


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