I was born and raised in an artist commune in San Francisco. I loved Chopin as a kid. But in my teens, I loved artsy pop. My life has been a wild ride. I been all around the world feelin’ uplift and falling in love a thousand times and broken up a thousand and one. Life gave me lemons so I made songs to survive. So I make music that fits it all together. I’m always experimenting and dreaming.

I traveled for a few years nonstop after music school but moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area. I was gonna be a Rabbi for a while, studied in a seminary, and everything but fuck that I love music and I want music to be my life. I want to be famous, I’m not ashamed of that for five seconds. I want my brand of music to change the world, I’m naive like that. I just want to do my dance youknowhowitis. I believe black lives matter. I believe in the power of change. My songs are getting better and I hope you will join me on this journey. Follow me on Spotify, Instagram, and socials because that really makes a difference for artists. 

Click that button and let’s get to it Tom Waits once came to me in a dream. I said, “I can’t sing.” He said: “singing ain’t about hittin’ the notes. You just gotta lay it in the bucket.” But you prob don’t know who Tom Waits is.