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Setting his Nord down on the Hammond organ again, Leon Rosen finds himself standing in front of a wave of potential. He believes this combo produces a sound of beauty and power. His keyboard is his main train of momentum, in fact, he believes the keyboard is the central instrument of the world. When in the studio he starts to believe there is no Leon, only his Hammond, Nord, and Moog.

Be it a ballad or a slow song, the music is pretty and takes you places. Synths are his gateway drug of obsession and beauty. He writes songs about love mixed up with lust, greed, humanity, animals, earth, beauty, gods, and sex. His songs are about the broken world and his serene mood.

To capture the perfect sound, the songs are recorded with geniuses. Fantasy Studios is where he recorded after Tiny Telephone, which was itself after Hyde Street. This Friday he’s headed to Opus Studio. Every day he is striving to meet his true musical potential. This has been a long journey filled with perseverance. At times this creates the feeling that every second he isn’t winning it’s a waste that creates desolation. Which is why it’s so hard for him to stop. One day he’ll be long gone, so while he’s breathin’ he wants to write, produce, and sing. This is his rescue from the darkness. When Leon dies, it will not be without realizing his dream, it won’t be before manifesting the power and acclaim he has lusted after.

He does find his Purim but doesn’t rest for long. When making records, the couch’s gravity tries to suck the progress down. As a creative, he knows when to receive visual and story excitement and when to create it. His newest tunes have really simple and accessible audio production. His goal is that the interesting parts of the song should convey their emotional relatability. The simplicity of Each song will ring true in the body and storytelling. The lyrics based on longing and life on the open road should feel reminiscent.

Leon makes music that has some sweet melancholy feels but also fucks you up. Best described as a raw feeling of loss, struggle, strength, and love. He is the muse to his own music. Often you’ll find him by his tape reel in the corner of the studio listening to the playback. He’s got a devil inside him, and he knows each knob has a secret incantation to create the perfect filthy sounds. His obsessive with knob twisting might get him locked up in the madhouse.

But for now … his studio mate sets up the tape reel … and they start the process of recording Leon Rosen’s next ballad or slow.

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