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Leon was born and raised in San Francisco, the son of an abstract painter and a belly dancer. His prodigious talent on the piano was recognized early on and by his teens, Leon was enlisted by Bay Area jazz legends such as Herbie Lewis and Sonny Simmons to back them on keys. He also fell in with various circus, burlesque, theater and dance troupes as a composer. Lee Baby was always interested in pursuing singer-songwriter music in the pop vein, but made a more practical move to New York to study Jazz and composition.

Broken Finger Lee thrived in the energetic and aggressive atmosphere of NYC, but eventually felt the call to move to Israel. Being both Jewish and Armenian, King Lelo felt he was in a unique position to bridge the boundaries of race and religion, Israel and Palestine. “I’ve always hoped to transform the world, so I often find myself taking a childish leap into the impossible. Of course, you get punched in the gut by reality but I will always stay naive and get back up with a feeling of innocence and purity.”

During this time, he had a prophetic dream that took place at a breakfast diner. Tom Waits sat him down and gave him a talking to about his initial dream of pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter.

“It’s not hitting the notes, man. You gotta just lay it in the bucket.”

Nasty Lee took this message to heart. He left the ancient land of Canaan (“These people are crazy! I’m out”) and slid back down the chimney pipe to San Francisco. He struck up relationships with new collaborators and began exploring a ‘baroque pop’ sound he had always felt drawn to, combining singer-songwriter pop of the late 70’s with contemporary styles, classical and jazz. The resulting recordings boasted a sweet, nostalgic vibe with modern beats and arrangements, falling somewhere between Queen, Muse, Jeff Buckley and Big Thief.  He still can’t sing but he makes a helluva cup of coffee.

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Grieving Friend of a Superman

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Zilch at the moment. Starting a new band in March of 2020. Tell you the rest when I see you. Meanwhile, look at all the wavy hands for a minute.

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