I’m Leon Rosen! I enjoy working with enthusiastic students who wish to take their skills to the next level. I enjoy combining classical, ear training, composition and improve. finding ways to teach classical music through jazz & pop. Students enjoy my willingness to design a curriculum that matters to them. We aim for an alternative, personal but robustly challenging learning environment at the piano. Many of my teenage and preteen students are singers and songwriters who come to me to learn to self accompany themselves at the piano.

  • Lessons for children are usually 30 minutes. More advanced students might take an hour class.
  • We set weekly lesson times.
  • Trial assessment meet and greets are complimentary.
  • Lesson Rates:
    • Hour lesson $140.
    • Half hour lesson $80.
    • Lessons are invoiced monthly on the first or fifteenth. I accept checks, Venmo, Google Wallet and prefer not to be paid with PayPal.

Yes, I teach beginners! I have self-interest and pride in helping someone accomplish more as a beginner than other instructors. I am certain they are better at me with students who practice four hours a day. But so few instructors are ready to dive in deep with you down the rabbit hole. you know the genius is there, we need to find a way to bring it into the world. This is my role and calling in life. I am curating and in-learning this method, am good at it.

Adult students often succeed in the biweekly study. Many come once a month and see more improvement and less shame/guilt about practice because they actually have time in between lessons to jam at home. No one wants to feel bad because they didn’t practice that week. Let’s focus our vision on victory, joy, and dignity.

Other adult students prefer to come weekly and are welcome. Please note that after-school hours are reserved for children, and adult students often come in the evening or night. I teach until 9:30 or ten.

I teach at my studio in downtown San Mateo. I used to enjoy coming to students homes, but thankfully it is a little busy and it’s difficult to make time.

I have a decade of experience working with children who are on the Autistic Spectrum, Dyslexia and ADHD. I enjoy working with my homeschoolers. We hold annual piano recitals, recording studio tours, songwriter/composer feature nights and youth ensembles in RnB, Jazz, and Pop. I prep students for auditions and performances. We create a fun journey together to pursue musical excellence. Practice is required. Let’s be clear on this: it is annoying and difficult to learn the basics. This will take work. I will help make it fun, but I want to encourage parents to contact me who are willing to dive in and help their child really get to it.

Once the basics are attained, we soar!

My job is to make it fun so that we hit the ground running. I will update this website in Spring 2019 and include more clips of actual lessons and some testimonials from parents.

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