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I’m Teacher Leon. I enjoy creating personalized lessons which combine fun, rigor and a variety of approaches through the classical spectrum as well as jazz pop and other contemporary styles. Most of my students are children, and I have a set of adult students who come as well. I teach beginners as young as three and four, as well as elder students who come upon retirement. Some of my students are self-taught musicians learning to deepen some of the basics, while others were given a rigorous upbringing in music… but perhaps without a lot of joy. Now those students are coming back into a relationship with piano in 30s and 40s.

  • Trial assessment meet and greets are complimentary.
  • Lesson Rates:
    • Hour lesson $140. $560 monthly.
    • Half hour lesson $80. $320 monthly.
    • Lessons are invoiced monthly or by semester. New students – best monthly to start with. I accept checks, Venmo, Google Wallet etc.

I teach at my studio in downtown San Mateo. I have limited space for students studying in-home. Mostly that is full at present. Trial lessons are free, and I like to set them up as casual meet and greets, to speak about goals and dreams and that helps me curate a lesson plan which is relevant for you.

I have a decade of experience working with children who are on the Autistic Spectrum and with related alternative learning experiences. In any type of alternate structure we create please know my job is to help you transform at the piano. It can also be a therapeutic experience.

My students do the ABRSM graded piano exams. This is recommended for many but not required. Attendance at the recital however is strongly recommended (though not required.

Students are expected to be consistent with their weekly time. However, I make room in my schedule for reschedules and makeups. It is to be expected.

We hold annual piano recitals, recording studio tours, songwriter/composer feature nights and bands. I prep students for auditions and performances. Dive into music technology. We create a fun journey together to pursue musical excellence.

Practice is required. Parental help with practice is required. No child, no matter how talented, will actually practice on their own to the extent that we need to improve steadily and with gusto.

Once the basics are attained, we soar!

My job is to make it fun! We tell jokes! Use funny voices and make funny faces. And we do that while playing the greats, at the highest level.

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